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Wilcon's Thermowells & Protective Tubes are Designed to Insulate and Protect Temperature Sensing Devices

Wilcon's Protective thermowells and protection tubes are designed to insulate and protect temperature sensing devices from high pressure, abrasive, corrosive and other environmental conditions. All wells and tubes are available in many alloys and configurations.

Thermowells & Protection TubesThermowells & Protection Tubes

Thermowells: Steps in designing for proper application.

  • Material - manufactured from drill bar stock. Grade of material is selected for corrosion conditions and/or temperature resistance.
  • Connection - standardized wells usually have pipe threads or socket weld installations. Flanged wells consist of a bar stock well permanently welded to top quality flange.
  • Insertion Length - distance from tip to underside of thread or other connection measurement (designated as "U").
  • Bore Size - common sizes of bores are 0.260" and 0.385." Designed to fit thermocouples, Bi-met thermometers or RTD sensors.
  • Shank - designs could be bi-met (stepped) for RTD's, straight or tapered for high pressure applications.

Metallic Protection Tubes: Typically designed in pipes sizes with one end closed and opposite end with male thread. Unlike thermowells, they are not used in high pressure applications. Uses are for ovens, vats, tanks, heat treating, furnaces, flues and ducts.

  • Materials - carbon steel, stainless steel, inconel and hastelloys.
  • Connections - open end of protection tubes - pipe threads or with larger bushing for mounting.
  • Designs - straight or 90 bend with either elbow or bend for salt both applications.
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