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Wilcon's Design of a Multipoint Unit is Unique in that it Houses Two or More Thermocouples within One Thermowell

Multipoints are usually employed where more than one thermocouple is required and the installation of single thermocouples becomes too costly. The location of the thermocouples along the thermowell allows for the temperature readings at crucial points. A multipoint varies in length, outside diameter and number of thermocouples, enabling flexibility of design to suit your specific requirements.

Thermowell - serves as a housing for the thermocouples, with length variations to suit your specific requirements. Commonly used materials are 300 series stainless steel.

Thermocouples - manufactured from 300 series stainless steel sheath (unless otherwise specified), magnesium oxide (Mg0) insulated thermocouple material. Calibration and junction to suit your specific requirements. Quantity of thermocouples is decided by number of points along the length of the thermowell to be monitored.

Mounting Flanges - come in variety of materials and sizes to meet you individual requirements for mounting in the field.


Terminal Strip - usually made of phenolic. All connections are clearly numbered to correspond with thermocouple extension wire, thus eliminating any guesswork when making a connection.

Junction Box - houses the terminal strip. NEMA -4 is the most commonly called out junction box. Constructed of aluminum, cast iron or steel, suitable for corrosive situations. Many variations available.

Welding is one of the most important procedures in a good quality multipoint and many failures can be attributed to a faulty weld. WILCON INDUSTRIES prides itself on the quality of welding used in the manufacture of its products.

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